He Noticed Me!!

My daughter has a crush on a teenager who goes to church with us.  She has "loved" him basically since the first day she met him 4 years ago .  He's a great kid and takes it in stride.   He walks her to her Sunday School class each week, and she tells me he is her best friend!  In fact, one time, she told me, "Mommy, I want to marry him.  [Sigh] But I just don't think that will happen."  (Considering that he's 10 years older than her, I suspect she's correct, but my heart still broke a bit for her that day.)  One time, his family went on vacation for a few weeks.  My daughter missed him like crazy while he was gone and probably started thinking he may have abandoned her.  She pondered as we drove to church after 2 weeks of limbo if he would still be out of town.  I told her I wasn't sure.  As we walked into church she saw him.  She quickly turned to me, tugged on my sleeve, and pointed out that he was there.  (Oh joy, oh rapture!)  He was doing something else, so we made our way in and sat down.  My daughter (who was 4 at the time) sat with a coy look on her face blinking in his general direction.  After a few minutes, he noticed us sitting there and gave a smile and wave to us.  My daughter took a quick intake of breath and waved back.  Then, she turned to me, smiling from ear to ear, and excitedly said, "Mom, he noticed me!"

I've had many times in my life that the Lord has decided to leave for a few weeks and leave me on my own.  I've felt small, and insignificant, maybe even abandoned.  Without fail during those times, I'm allowed to see with clarity through the dreary fog to the fact that He cares more about me than I can ever know.  I read in Romans 8:16 "The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God".  Would I ever abandon my children when they are hurting?  No.  If we are God's children, would he ever abandon us?  No!  It's in these moments of clarity, when the truth comes shining through.  I can feel God's love for me and say excitedly, "He notices me!"
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