Suzuki! That's Dumb!

My 6 year-old mini mortal is learning to read.  She's working on blending sounds correctly to come up with the right word.   We were driving behind a Suzuki Jimny the other day.  (I had to look up to see what type of vehicle it was so I didn't call it a Suzuki Jeep, because I was pretty sure that no such vehicle exists.  Yes, I am a woman and don't have a clue what the proper name is of just about any vehicle.)  My mini mortal tried to sound out "Suzuki".  She sounded the S-U "s-uh".  I told her that was correct.  Then, she got to the Z-U.  She said, "z-uh".  I corrected her and told her that this particular U said, "oo".  She said, "OO, but that doesn't make any sense!  I know how to spell zoo, and that's not it!  You spell zoo Z-O-O, not Z-U.  That's just dumb!"  I couldn't help but agree with her!  The English language is insane!

Do you know how many exceptions there are in the English language?  Please let me know if you have the exact number!  I've never noticed how crazy our language is until trying to teach it to my daughter.  There's I before E except after C.  The plural of ox is oxen, yet most other plurals simply end with an S or ES.  Should I use its, its', or it's?  There, they're, or their?  If all the letters are sounded out, shouldn't noise and noisy actually be pronounced identically?  Why in the world should any E be silent?  Our language is full of exceptions, accidentals, irregularities and constant change.

Luckily, I know of one thing that will never change.  Hebrew 13:6 says, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever."  He doesn't have exceptions, accidentals or irregularities.  His word remains steady as a rock.  His principles and moral values are unwavering.  My responsibility is to become as He is, steadfast and firm in my faith and testimony.  In this ever changing world, I am grateful that I know of one thing that will not change, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
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